JenAnn Photography | Jimmy and Hilary Tie The Knot at Rockledge County Club

Jimmy and Hilary Tie The Knot at Rockledge County Club

October 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Jimmy was a single guy with 5 children who met Hilary and couldn’t stop thinking about her.  Jimmy is a Christian who was praying for the right person to come into his life and was waiting on God’s answer so as to not make a mistake.  One day he was walking on the beach with his children thinking of Hilary and he could not shake her from his mind.  He asked God to show him a sign to let him be assured that she was “the one”.  He prayed to God, "if this is meant to be, please let me find the perfect sea shell".  After walking for some time and only finding broken shellls, Jimmy heard a loud shout.  Someone yelled “stop”, only this voice was not from his children and there was no one else around.  He obeyed and stopped.  He looked down.  There lied the perfect sea shell.  When he handed it to Hilary later that evening, her words were, “It is perfect”.  Jimmy knew he would marry Hilary in that moment. 


They tied The Knot at Rockledge Country Club with their 7 children present.  It was a day to remember!  So much love in this family of 9!  Congratulations Cotton family! 




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